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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 22, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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hundreds of nurses are on strike right now. good afternoon. i'm john sasaki in for tori campbell. we begin with developing news in west oakland, where within the last 90 minutes there was a shooting and a related car fire. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: john, we've been out here for an hour.
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we've just confirmed that this was a deadly shooting. in fact, the yellow crime tape is right here keeping us from getting past 46th and west here, the intersection. when we arrived, the department referred us to the spokesperson. that person confirmed there is a victim. not much known about the shooting victim. about 10:46 this morning, several cars came in reporting shots fire at 46s and west -- 46th and west. one neighbor told me she heard an explosion and then a buick caught fire. the woman we spoke to out here heard at least six of the eight shots fired and the thought when she saw the smoke in the area was a house fire. but she later found out it wases the -- this was the buick on fire. the officer expects to be out here any minute. i just got off the phone with
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her. neighbors are out here curious about this. we don't know for sure if the victim is still in the car. we haven't seen the medical examiner just yet. it could be a while before the m.e. gets here. this was a deadly shooting, hanking sometime after 10:30 this morning. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. despite months of bargaining, sutter health and thousands of its nurses cannot agree on a new contract. so today, the nurse are striking at eight bay area hospitals. ktvu alorraine blanco -- ktvu's lorraine blaufern co -- lorraine blanco is live with more. >> reporter: well, john, as you can see, outside there is a lot of extra security and for now there's no budget on either side. instead of taking temperatures, thousands of sutter nurses are
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across the bay area and taking their issues with hospital man -- management to the picket line. >> they kit courage of the all of the proposals that are gonna help our community. >> reporter: their contract ended this past summer. in the new deal, sutter management is asking to give time off. a big source of contention. they are also concerned about charge nurses. >> it's very important that those nurses stay in the bargaining unit also. >> reporter: dr. steve p o'brien says sutter nurses are among the highest paid in the bay area. he says sutter is not asking these nurses to take a pay cut or give up their health benefits completely. the doctor says they just need to consider making a few concessions in this economy. >> we're actively seeking bargain days with our nurses to have ongoing die leg. when that will end, that will depend when they are able to come to the table with
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reasonable expectations and reasonable suggestions. [ chanting ] >> reporter: hundreds more nurses will gather for a rally here at 4:00 p.m. we're told mayor quan will be out here to support them. the strike is supposed to last 24 hours. but hospital management says the striking nurses can't come back to work until christmas. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and the hospitals affected by this lockout are -- mayor quan admits it will be difficult if not possible to free vent further port shutdowns. she said preventing this would require at least 500 officers at a cost of $500,000. she says even if the city was willing to foot the bill, the
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protesters could still find ways to sneak around lines and disrupt the port operations. they've been there for months and now the protesters have been told they have to go. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live with what campers plan to do. >> reporter: police say they never intended to raid this place. they came here last night and they were asking people to leave. if you take a look around here at the civic center park. we're right across the street from berkeley. you can still see all of the tents and sleeping bags. the folks that wanted to stick it out. now, this is new video shot from a protester around 2:00 a.m. when police moved in. officers also clashed with occupiers here at 11:00 last night. police had served eviction notices earlier in the week and wanted everybody out here by
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10:00 last night. two people were arrested. >> the problems have really escalated since people have come here from san francisco and oakland. these are the hard core, the people that have been arrested two or three times and they are determined to make a scene. >> reporter: now, the mayor says he appreciates the message of the 99% but he feels that these protesters have gotten off track. now, some protesters did explain of excessive force this morning but police disagree. >> crowd management is some of the most dangerous police work. these crowds are unpredictable. >> reporter: city officials say they are fed up with violent crimes, drug, dog bites an unsanitary conditions since occupiers moved in here late october. legally protesters can be here from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night.
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they simply can't sleep here overnight. the city and police will keep asking them to leave over the next couple of weeks. if they don't comply, they say they will run out of patience and they may have to conduct a raid. we're live in berkeley, i'm ta raw mori ar-- tara mori artie -- tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. there is a big fire burning at feld and octavia. that's a lot of smoke. it seems like there are quite a few structures on fire right now. you can see a number of flames there burning across a pretty wide area there. again, once you see the -- the dark smoke indicates that's a working fire that firefighters have yet to get a lot of water on. once you see the white smoke that means the water has really put out a lot of fire. right now that's very much a working fire. we're right now trying to get a crew to the scene to find out exactly what's going ton and we'll bring you that -- going
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on and we'll bring that to you later in the newscast or tonight at 5:00. u.p.s. says today is the busiest shipping day of the year. shipping is up 6% from last year. fed-ex has seen 10% growth from last year. the big box electronics store, best buy, says it won't be able to fill some online orders this holiday season. they've had overwhelming demand for certain products and won't be able to recover -- fill some orders. best buy has been shipping to more online business to stay competitive. thousands of needy children in oakland are facing a bleak christmas. how you can help put toys under their trees. president obama is putting the heat on the republicans to pass the payroll tax.
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the president says the only vital option is for the pass to -- is for the house to pass a two-month extension. john boehner is making a push for a one-year extension. >> enough is enough. people standing with me today can't afford any more games. they can't afford to lose $1,000 because of some ridiculous washington standoff. >> one-year bill proside -- fro vids, on average, about $1,000 for american workers -- provides, on average, about $1,000 for american workers as opposed to the meesly $166 -- measly $166. >> the senate is putting pressure on house republicans to pass this. we want to go live to san francisco where we have the big fire burning at feld and octavia. we have evp, one of our producers, on the line right now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i'm actual idriving to the panhandle.
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there's -- i'm actually driving to the panhandle. there's actually a fire vehicle heading to the scene. i'm trying to find out where it is. but there's a ton of smoke around the panhandle. i was is it -- but there's a ton of smoke around the panhandle. there's a lot of smoke in the area. i can't figure out where it is coming from but i'm trying to route now. >> how is traffic affected there? >> reporter: actually there's a fire truck behind me right now. i just turned around. i'm on lincoln heading back to the panhandle. but the traffic is pretty light. it's not a big deal. i think it will get to be a big deal. i'm pulling over to get a fire truck around. i can't pinpoint where it's coming from. but i will probably follow the fire truck to see if i can find it. >> good idea. i'm looking at the picture
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right now. it looks like it's one pretty sizable apartment building there. it seems like there's flames jumping in the air from that building. i've just been told by rosemary orozco, our meteorologist, that the winds in that area are 10 miles, gusting to 20. and that could play a role for the firefighters fighting this fire and you can see on the left side of your screen where there's firefighters -- it looks like they have the ladder on top of the building and they are trying to cut holes in the roof right now. they are definitely working on this right now. no word on how this happened, what exactly is burning or if there's injuries. but ally bring that to you later -- but we'll bring that to you later in the newscast. it was a mess in oakland. what may have caused a geyser. and the final days of shopping before the holidays.
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breaking news. we want to take you right back to san francisco where you can see sa huge fire burning -- see a huge fire burning. it's actually on golden gate and pierce. we understand it's a residential building. that's certainly what it looks like from those pictures. you can see there are fire crews on the scene.
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there's a ladder going to the top of the building. certainly, people trying to get this thing under control. no word on how it started or if there have been any injuries through all of this. we want to bring in rosemary orozco to talk about how the winds are playing a role in all of this. >> john, they've been gusting all morning long and continue this afternoon. the winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour in this particular area. they are blowing from the east- southeast at this point, meaning they are gonna be blowing towards the coastline, the smoke more than likely gonna make its way over to the golden gate park area and continue to the coast. very dry winds and the issue, with the gusty winds, it lifts those embers and that can smark new fires. and that's certainly a possibility with the -- can spark new fires. and that's certainly a possibility with the winds. john? >> and thearsz's not a lot of grass there. so you don't have to worry
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about grass fires. >> absolutely. absolutely. the big concern here would be blowing embers. as you know, you've been on the scene of fires. and when the winds are blowing like this, it will literally pick up a piece of fire and throw it to a new direction and create new fires. >> okay. thank you, rosemary. this fire is currently three alarms. it's affecting three or four floors of what appears to be a residential building, some kind of big apartment complex there. one of those older-style, victorian sort of homes that has a lot of different units in it. we can tell you that ktvu's chopper 2 is on its way to the scene right now. we'll be able to bring you better pictures hopefully by the end of this newscast. boy, that's sure a big fire there. three alarms. that means dozens of firefighters are on the scene or heading to the scene trying to get these flames under control. certainly, if there's anyone stuck in the building, they will try to get them out. hopefully they have already
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gotten out. the city of oakland wants your help to -- actually, we're gonna stay here on this fire. i can tell you that -- that it is an area where -- evan borders, one of our photographers/producers, he was driving through and said the smoke was pretty pronounced in that area, there's a lot of smoke there. you have to be careful as you are driving by. also we said earlier, it was on octavia but it's pierce. there's four floors of that building. it might only be about a four- story building, are on fire. and certainly the cries aunt over san francisco are heading there. maybe even some mutual aid going on because it's clearly been burning for a while and -- obviously, as you look at that picture, it's still completely out of control. you can see flames jumping out of the roof and you can see flames jumping out of the sides of the building. and firefighters right now,
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certainly trying to get that fire out but they are faux kissed on preventing the fire from jumping to expose urs -- exposures, another. and that smoke is certainly covering a lot of that area around the panhandle and golden gate park, octavia, golden gate and pierce. rosemary, what really -- on a day like this, what kind of role does the wind play when you are talking about a structure fire? >> well, it's obviously fanning the flames there. you can see the flareups. on the positive note, again it is an offshore breeze. san francisco, of course, has been microclimates but if the models are try in saying this wind is primarily at it point coming in from the east and southeast, the good news is at least it's blowing out to the pacific and not inward, meaning, you know, oakland would eventually be seeing this
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smoke. so that's a positive smoke that the winds are offshore and they will be blowing past golden gate and out towards the coastline but the winds could definitely play a big factor in this and they usually do. they often fan the flames and start new fires. john? >> all right. and you can see -- we've got a shot from newschopper2, cutting out there, but our chopper is on the way. i can also tell you on the left, you can see someone walking across the top of the building that's on this side of the building that's on fire. maybe that's a firefighter there trying to help prevent the fire from spreading. although it does look like the flames are blowing the opposite direction. so perhaps the buildings on this side are not as much -- are not in as much danger as that other building on fire. it looks right now that newschopper2 is getting much closer and we'llable able to bring you -- be able to bring you a better picture.
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also, david stevenson, ktvu reporter, is on the way there. hopefully we will be able to get him on here shortly and hear from him. david, are you actually on the phone now -- phone right now? >> reporter: i am on the phone right now. we're rushing to the scene. we're about two blocks away. we're seeing a lot of smoke billowing near octavia and we're seeing flames erupting. just a couple of minutes ago listening in on the fire department's scanner, we heard a -- i believe a battalion chief ordering all of the firefighters to immediately evacuate the allest building. that's the fire building, presumably where the fire originated. the baba tal yun chief ordered all -- battalion chief ordered everyone out of that building because there were flames overhead presumely at the top of the roof of this building. i believe you are seeing flames
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billowing up. traffic in the area has been slow. we can see a number of fire trucks down on the scene but these -- the situation is still a very dangerous one for the firefighters who are initially rushed to the scene. again, our understanding is they've ordered all units to get out of the building, presumably where this fire started. we're just a few hundred yards at this moment away from the scene. it's really a very spectacular fire in what is normally a very quiet intersection. >> david, i can tell you also that you were talking about how the firefighters were getting out of there. certainly one of the problems they might be facing is the possible collapse of this building because the fire has been surging through three, four floors of the building and that's obviously gonna weaken the structure and as the fires got out of the -- >> reporter: a number of police officers are -- >> certainly. certainly and i can tell you also that as those firefighters
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have gotten out of the building, you can see on the lower left corner of your screen that there are firefighters now making their way on top of that building that's across the street, possibly to be able to fight the fire from there. i don't know if they can get close enough to do that. but certainly to protect the buildings across the street. boy. we've been covering -- boy, we've been covering this for a while and it looks like this fire is out of control. we're getting significantly closer. we should be able to get a much better idea of what is affected. how many building are affected -- buildings are affected. if it's just that one large apartment building or if it's all also affecting others. okay. evan borders, you are on the scene as well, right? >> reporter: hello? >> yeah, evan. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i'm right in the middle of -- it's pretty big.
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where am i? i'm on the intersection of pierce. the whole intersection is closed off. the smoke is very thick. i wish i could show this to you but -- wow. >> evan, did you say it looked like a school? en. >> no, i'm sorry. it's next to an old victorian on fire. it looks like a house converted into apartments. >> you say there is a school right next to it -- >> reporter: don't quote me on that. it looks like a school but -- yeah, it's just billowing smoke, very thick, looks very hazardous. looks like they can't even get on the roof. >> we've been told that they were told to evacuate the
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building. >> reporter: it looks like an apartment -- a small-type complex that -- it looks like it's in danger of catching fire as well. right now, just the old victorian is on fire. it looks like the firefighters are -- i don't see any firefighters on the roof. it looks like it's too hot. >> yeah, boy, it -- you talk about how big that fire is, and like i said, we've been covering this for a while. it doesn't seem like they are making any headway on this whatsoever. that building is just becoming fully engulfed. on the right side, you can see the support beams because everything else has been burned away. that's newschopper2 arriving on the scene, getting a really good shot. now you can see -- firefighters are on top -- are on top of the
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building. it's tough to say if this is all the same building or not. certainly, this thing is spreading. rosemary, looking at the winds, what does it say to you that it is doing? >> reporter: it's definitely fanning those flames. it looks like it's helping it to spread pretty fast there as you were saying. the firefighters standing on that roof. it almost appears as the fire -- it's like the fire is burning underneath them. so more than likely they will be needing to evacuate. in the last 10, 15 minutes we've actually watched it grow rather than firefighters able to get a handle on it. you can see they do have hoses on there and they are doing their best to knock down what they can. that's a big, big apartment building there. it's -- i mean you can see flames on the right. you can see flames engulling the roof. you can see flames on the left. it seems like this is gonna adversely affect a lot of
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people. all right. dab david steven son, are you still in the air -- stevenson, are you still in the area? evan borders? newschopper2 showing pictures of how those flames are just shooting out of the roof. on the left, that's our cameras showing you how big this is and how much smoke is being put up in the air. here we are just a couple of days from christmas, and this is gonna be one of those days that -- any time is a bad time for this to happen but the hoirles certainly are not a time when anybody wants to go through this. and the firefighters are doing everything they can on the roof to get done what te can. i understand -- what they can. i understand we have tom vacar on the bridge. >> reporter: what happened, we were in oakland doing interviews on another story. so when we got the call, we drove over. you cannot see so much smoke. the winds are blowing very
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high, it's pretty -- smoke is laying down. in a normal situation, the smoke would rise in the air and you could see it -- see it in all locations. the big factor is gonna be the reality that -- when wind blows on a fire that's already big, it tends to blow embers and tends to cause things close to that. so the fire department's situation right now is pretty clear. they have to protect the other buildings because the -- but the problem is in that neighborhoods, homes are so close together and they are all constructed that -- this is a potential -- this potentially is a very, very seer cuss problem. didn't see much before but now that we're in the city, we can see the situation. we'll give you further reports. >> it's up to four alarms. that's dozens and dozens of more firefighters.
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like i said, it's one of those cases where mutual aid is being looked at. i also understand that this is more than just one building now. you can see buildings across the street on the left side of your screen, it looks like those are not affected because the flames are not going in that direction. but on the right side of your screen in that newschopper2 shot you can see there are other buildings very, very close to this primary primary fire building -- this -- very close to this primary fire building. if you pan down, you can see firefighters on a ladder. i saw them going into one of those apartments there. they are -- they are certainly either trying to get a -- trying to gain a foothold on the fire of what looks to be the second floor. but also trying to make sure -- make sure nobody is inside
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those apartments. david stevenson, you are on the scene? >> reporter: can you hear me okay? >> yeah i -- yeah. i got you. >> reporter: i'm on pierce and church where there are people gathered watching this fire. just above us we can see a number of firefighters standing on the balcony. they had been making their way in to the -- what pay pierce to be -- what appears to be the second floor. the fire is actually raging above them. we can see the firefighters working and the flames are still burning, billowing out a lot of black smoke over this intersection. there are people who live in the neighborhood of -- a lot of police department officers from just down the block, watching this scene an walking carefully and blocking off the scene, too. there are firefighters still making their way in through one of the lower floors heading in as well, too. earlier, we


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